At the foot of the Biokovo mountain in the shadows of centuries-old pine trees and Mediterranean flora lies Brela.
For the first time, Brela was mentioned under the name Beroyllia in the document De Administrando Imperio (950 AD), written by the emperor Porphirogennetos, whereas the first written document on the beginnings of tourism date back to 1913.

With endless pebble beaches and surrounded by crystal clear sea, Brela offers a sense of cosiness in untouched nature, an abundance of vegetation, sun and sea, a true «heaven on Earth».
In July 2004 the globally renowned magazine «Forbes» included one of Brela's beaches among the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world.

Today, Brela is one of the most beautiful tourist resorts, a true jewel on the Croatian coast.
Brela offers a variety of possibilities and beautiful new surprises.